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Stepping Stones Therapy Inc. Team

We are a group of highly trained Behavior Interventionists, consultants and clinicians. Together we have many years of experience and education related to children with autism and other related disabilities.  We have combined our talents and experience to provide a unique, ABA and evidence-based, quality program that will enhance your child’s abilities in learning, communicating and socializing.  
Sandra Foster

Sandi is a Co-Owner of Stepping Stones.  She has been working with children with Autism for over 20 years.  Her training began in the school system as Special Education Assistant and has continued to include a minor in Psychology and 6 years in the Autism Early Intervention Program through the Queen Alexandra Centre.  “While the training I have received has been exciting and practical it’s the children I have worked with from whom I have learned the most."

Patrick Murphy

Patrick is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst at Stepping Stones. Patrick holds a B.A (Hons) in Psychology (2013), an M.A in Child and Youth Care (2017) and has recently attained a graduate level certification in Applied Behaviour Analysis in 2019. He has been an enthusiastic part of the Stepping Stones team for several years, and first began as a behaviour interventionist before his transition into his role as a behaviour analyst.  Patrick enjoys working one-on-one with his clients and their families, as well as supporting the team at Stepping Stones.

Shantelle Soto
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Shantelle is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Co-owner of Stepping Stones.  She holds a B.A. degree in psychology,  completed her Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis and became Board Certified in 2014, and completed her ESDM Certification in 2021.  She has had many years experience working with children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. She has a special interest in ADHD and is an advocate for children with special needs in schools.  She is passionate about helping children and families reach their goals and aspirations!​

Carmel Curtis

Carmel is the scheduling coordinator and office administrator for Stepping Stones.  She has extensive experience in office administration, and brings enthusiasm and positive energy to our team.  Carmel was born and raised in Victoria, and loves working with the staff and families at Stepping Stones.  When you call Stepping Stones, Carmel is the friendly voice you will hear!


...and other talented clinicians, as well as many dedicated and well trained behaviour interventionists.

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