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Session Info

We pride ourselves in keeping the session sizes small to enhance the quality of our program.  We are currently taking registration for children ages 1-19. 

Each Session is 2 to 2.5 hours long.


We have 3 sessions a day:

  • 845am - 11:15am

  • Noon - 2:30pm

  • 3pm - 5pm

Our 3pm-5pm sessions are typically reserved for our school age children. 

We also offer evening sessions out in the community for our 9-18 year olds.  

Please book your spot now to avoid disappointment!


Autism funding covers the cost of the full program including intervention, a behavior consultant, OT, SLP and PT (if needed).

​We have a limited ability to be able to pick up some children from home/school or drop them off at home.  This service is offered for families who are in desperate need or can't figure out any other way to transport their child.  This service is provided on a case by case basis.  Please inquire during your initial visit if this is a service you are requiring.

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