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        What Is A Behavior Consultant?

Anyone can call themselves a Behavior Consultant, however an actual certified Behavior Consultant is called a Board Certified Behavior Analyst or a BCBA.  A BCBA has a master’s degree and has passed a Board Certified exam in Behavior Analysis.  They have been supervised for over 1500 hours and must also accumulate 32 hours of continuing education every two years to keep up their certification.


They are trained in supporting the growth and development of children with autism and other special needs.  They can work through very difficult behavioral issues, toileting, eating and sleeping concerns and skill development in every area of a child’s growth (communication, comprehension, play skills, social skills, life skills, transitions, etc.).  They often work in collaboration with other clinicians (SLP/OT and other community partners) to give the team a well-rounded outlook for program planning for the client and their family.


A simple way to know if a Behavior Consultant is certified is to look at their signature.  A Board Certified Behavior Analyst will have the initials BCBA after their name.  Another way to know is to check on the Behavior Analyst Certification Board website (our governing body) to ensure they are certified and in good standing at .  This will help you know that the Behavior Consultant you choose, has been well-trained and is following a code of ethics that guides their practice to ensure they are working in the safest and best interest of your child and family.

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