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Father and Son

At Stepping Stones Therapy Inc. we provide children diagnosed with Autism, and other related disabilities, a place where they can learn and grow into well rounded individuals.


    We are a group of highly trained Behavior Interventionists, consultants and clinicians.  Together we have many years of experience and education related to children with autism and other related disabilities.  We have combined our talents and experience to provide a unique, ABA and evidence-based, quality program that will enhance your child’s abilities in learning, communicating and socializing.  


    Our program aims to build their skills in a variety of domains by providing all of the steps of acquisition, generalizing and maintenance within a functional, real life training environment including other children and situations which will enhance and strengthen their skills. 


    We are a full service program, collaborating to meet all the needs of your child from programming to intervention. 


    We offer consulting, intervention, life skills classes and social skills classes for children of all ages!  We also offer OT, SLP and PT services.


Please give us a call at 250-472-8304 to see what we have to offer your child!

Our Services

Please click below to learn more about the services we offer to ensure that your child receives a well rounded, individualized program.

Session Info

Click here to find out more details about our sessions, including information about cost and transportation.

Our Team

Click here to learn more about our highly trained and experienced team of behavior interventionists, consultants and clinicians.

Contact us

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us!  We love to talk about Stepping Stones services and would also be glad to meet with you and show you around.


"Stepping Stones is a home away from home that offers a warm, welcoming natural environment for my son’s ABA therapy. I find that it’s really helping him generalize his skills and the other children provide great modeling for many of the skills we are working on with him too. It’s so funny to see how quickly he will get dressed and ready at the door when I tell him he’s going to play at Stepping Stones!"

- A parent

"The staff at stepping stones are exemplary in their theory based and practical knowledge, working with our children on a program designed to suit each of their specific needs. They are patient, caring and extremely resourceful at navigating our children to make good choices in their day, and helping to meet goals in a positive, supportive manner. Our son transitions through the door and is happy to see and share his news with the friends he has made there"

- A parent

"The staff at Stepping Stones are courteous and professional. My son enjoys going there to spend time with them and I always feel he will be safe and treated wonderfully. We are extremely happy about our decision to use them as our service providers."

- A parent

"Chase started going to Stepping Stones when he was 4, he is now 5. Since my son has been going to Stepping Stones we have seen many changes in the way he deals with his interactions with others. He has learned how to befriend and socially interact with children his own age. My son has started playing games with others even if it is not the game he wants to play, which before he would have refused to participate in. Stepping Stones has been a lovely place for him to spend time; the atmosphere is very homey, and inviting. Stepping Stone’s staff has been kind, loving and accepting, making it a place where my son enjoys going each time."

- Jadeen

"Our family feels very blessed and fortunate to have found a second "home and family" in Stepping Stones. From our first interaction, we have felt cared for and fully supported on our journey. We have complete faith and confidence in knowing our children are consistently valued, respected, nurtured, loved, and receiving the best individualized ABA therapy possible for their autism. Our little ones have truly blossomed in this safe and natural homelike setting. Their transformation has been remarkable. They are so excited and happy to go to their sessions. The entire intervention team are exceptionally well qualified and work diligently to develop and maintain meaningful relationships; that are both ethical and genuine. They go above and beyond to meet every family's unique needs and to encourage/empower everyone, especially during challenging times. We know that we have 100% made the right choice in selecting Stepping Stones and would highly recommend this organization to other families searching for quality therapeutic services."

- A family

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