Our Services

Every family has different goals and needs.  At Stepping Stones we try our best to accommodate this and build a program that fits each family's unique situation.  Please read below to learn more about the services we offer to ensure that your child receives a well rounded, individualized program.

One to One Intervention

At Stepping Services we offer one to one intervention sessions.  This means that your child will spend 2-3 hours each session with a qualified, well trained interventionist. The session is child-led and the interventionist incorporates the goals and programs set out by the Behavior Consultant throughout the session.  The session is fun and dynamic! This type of therapy promotes an optimal state for learning.


For our "littlest" clients (1-6) these sessions usually take place at Stepping Stones in our preschool type environment.  There are other children in the space who also have their own interventionist.  Some of the sessions may take place at home as well.


For our older clients (6-19) one to one sessions can be beneficial to work through skills that they are still learning.  It is especially helpful for children with a late diagnosis who are just starting out.  We may start out doing one to one sessions with these clients and then move towards a group session once the basic skills are acquired through one to one intervention.  These one to one session usually take place at home.

Group Sessions

At Stepping Stones we also offer group sessions.  Our 6-8 year old groups usually take place at Stepping Stones.  Each child is placed in a group that best suits their needs. The goals are established by assessing the needs of the group as a whole. Every six weeks the team meets and discusses how the group is going and establishes new goals based on the progress of the group.


We also offer groups for older kids ages 9-19.  Depending on the group they may take place in the community or at Stepping Stones Teen Location.  Each child is placed in a group that best suits their needs and the goals are generated by assessing the group as a whole.  We also hold meetings every six weeks for our older groups and at that time we determine what our next goals should be.


All our groups have a maximum of 5 kids.  The groups are led by two qualified and supportive interventionists.  Depending on the needs of the child we may make smaller groups or pairs.

Consulting, OT, SLP, and PT

At Stepping Stones we pride ourselves in offering a well rounded, whole child program. Our entire team connects on a regular basis and works together to pass along information pertinent to your child's program.  The interventionist works closely with all our clinicians.

Each child ages 1-6 in our program will have a Behavior Consultant on their team. The Consultant will oversee your child's progress and develop the goals that generate the sessions.  Your child will also have access to an OT, an SLP and a PT if it is determined that this would be beneficial.  The OT, SLP and PT come into Stepping Stones regularly to see your child and work with the interventionist to develop valuable programs and methods.


We also offer Behavior Consulting for children over 6.  We can meet with schools, daycares and families to ensure that your child is supported in all environments.  


You may also have access to At-Home Funding which may entitle your child to receive OT, SLP or PT services.